How To Be A Good Marketer: 8 Skills To Develop.

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How to be a good marketer? Focus on results, analytical skills and time management are some

of the skills that must be developed if you are looking to be a high performance professional.

Yes, these days, everything that involves “how to be a good marketer” is related to performance.

Digital marketing brought the possibility of analyzing each campaign in detail. Understand what worked and what didn’t , change the strategy and get better results . It’s all measured and collected.

At the same time, marketing became more personal, individual and segmented.

The target audience has become a persona and marketing teams must understand each step of the customer journey .

In short, analytical and relationship skills have become central to building good marketers.

While marketers can display a wide range of characteristics, we’ve identified 8 skills that really stand out today.

How to be a good marketer version 5.0

Next, we’ll understand a little more about these skills that will teach you how to be a good marketer .

1. Know how to create personas

Creating personas is the first step in any strategic marketing plan.

Understanding who you are talking to or who you want to talk to is fundamental to defining what will be spoken, where and how.

That’s why to be a good marketer you need to master the concept of personas, know how to apply it and prioritize it, before creating a campaign and tracking the results.

To advance in this stage, we recommend reading the article; “ How to create personas for your business”.

2. Create customer experiences

If you want to learn how to be a good marketer, you must dedicate yourself to offering excellent experiences for customers, whether in a physical store, online, on the brand’s social networks, in the call center…

Thanks to the internet, today there are many more points of interaction between a customer and a brand, and the job of marketing is to create and manage those experiences.

3. Be a Storyteller

Even with so many marketing platforms emerging and consolidating, it is increasingly difficult to attract the attention of online users.

One of the ways to get around this is through stories.

The storytelling is not a new tool but should be reactivated.

Users, leads, and customers pay far more attention to stories than to ads.

Everyone likes a good conversation, good gossip, and finally a good story.

The icing on the cake of storytelling is that it reaches people on an emotional level , which makes their relationship with the brand even closer.

Next, the video below presents tips on how to be a good marketer who knows how to tell good stories.

4. Include technology in your daily life

For all current marketing strategies to be put into practice, the marketer needs to use technological tools that allow the execution of a series of campaigns.

Therefore, if you are looking for how to be a good professional, it is essential that you master the use of systems such as:


marketing automation software .

5. Know how to manage your time and tasks

Being a good professional and being disorganized are characteristics that don’t go together.

The modern marketer meets goals and deadlines.

It is guided by data and plans.

Of course, spontaneity still exists and is celebrated, but consistency is important.

Develop the ability to organize yourself. Use planners, follow the company’s project management software, and do your best to contribute to deadlines and productivity.

6. Develop writing skill

You don’t need to be a copywriter to be mindful of writing skill.

Writing emails correctly, knowing how to convey information through text, managing your teams remotely, writing a report, all these require good writing from the professional.

Also, copywriting is one of the most important skills a marketer can have. It is the foundation of almost every marketing campaign.

Not bad to get some tips on writing to convert, right? Watch the video below:

7. Use data to make decisions

Many marketers still make decisions based on their instincts, but with the wealth of data available to them, that doesn’t have to be the case. And it shouldn’t be!

Platforms such as CRM, Google Analytics and marketing automation software generate real-time data about campaigns, hits, traffic and everything related to your company’s contact with online users.

So to really learn how to be a good marketer you must understand how to collect and analyze data to make better decisions.

One of the ways to make decisions and optimize results within marketing is to conduct tests that will help you test the effectiveness of offers, advertisements and various projects.

Among the most famous tests is the AB test that compares the results of two versions of the same communication material.

AB tests can be done with emails, advertisements, website pages and more .

How to be a good marketer

8. Deliver specific and identifiable results

Successful marketers focus on delivering results.

What results?

This will depend on your role in the organization and also on the company’s goals.

A customer service professional results in keeping customers loyal and satisfied.

The media buying department wants to increase click-through rate and reduce CPC.

And so on!

However, in general, helping your sector to achieve the defined objectives and goals (whatever they are) is already a way to deliver results.

These are the 8 skills of how to be a good marketer that we’ve identified by working with hundreds of professionals over the past few years.

As we said before, mastering technology tools is important, as they help in the process of delivering good results in less time.

So don’t be afraid of technology. Learn how to use it to your advantage to become a good marketer and be recognized for it.

A lahar is a Inbound Marketing software that uses content production strategies and automation of digital marketing , to help you expand your sales results , increase the productivity of their actions and facilitate the monitoring of results and managing leads.

Get in touch with our team and find out how we can help your company.




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WebDeveloper at Metromedia,Affiliate Marketer,Email Marketing

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